A quote.

Sorry, no numbers this week (but I did break 15K on the Queen 3, in case you were wondering).  So, I read this quote (on the the Tumblrs, natch) and I’m not sure why, but it just resonated with me:

I know what I bring to the table, so trust me I’m not scared to eat alone.”

I had to share it with you.

Hope you have an awesome September!

Week by numbers.

A lot of words this week (mostly about food, but some about a young Queen trying to end a trilogy):

  • 1, article I wrote about being an American expat and watching the US election (I’d love it if you gave it a read).
  • 1, article I wrote about things I’ve forgotten while being an expat.
  • 9,097, current word count on The Queen 3: I Have No title Yet
  • 30 pages, is how that translates.
  • ALL, the insomnia I seem to have these days.  What I wouldn’t give for a good night’s sleep…
  • Lots, of friends I got to see on my recent trip to Abu Dhabi.  While I certainly don’t miss my job there, I am reminded that I made a number of wonderful friends.
  • > 1 month, until we leave for Bali — I can’t wait!
  • 1, super cute kitten I met this week (yes, this is newsworthy).

Your .gif for the weekend:

deck of cards gif

Sunday Sentence.

Do you have the courage to bring forth this work? The treasures that are hidden inside you are hoping you will say yes.”

Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

So, I’ve had this book on my Kindle for literally AGES and finally started reading it last week (having already listened to the podcasts, yes, that is out of order).  The book is resonating with me (not quite as loudly as I thought it would) and I do have to take a few moments to appreciate some of the sentiments.

I’ve never had a problem being creative, so I don’t need any support in that category, but the approach to accepting my creativity (whether or not it makes me a bestselling author, blogger, screenwriter, etc.) is the difficult part.

Full review on the book at some point in the near future.  :)

Week by Numbers.

A quiet week here, but I think sometimes those are needed at least that’s what I’m telling myself while everyone else in the world seems to be having an amazing time in Europe. #FOMO is real, y’all.

  • 77,070, words. I sent the 1.5th draft off to an editor last week and will receive her notes in a month.  Let the countdown begin!
  • 3rd, book in the series I also sort of started writing.  While there are unfinished draft(s) of other books, I feel the need to finish the Queen series before publishing the first one (if that makes sense).  I want to have a fairly decent idea of what happens, so I don’t publish the first and then go, ‘Well, crap, I should’ve done something else in Book #1.”
  • 1, day I more or less lost to a migraine this week — boo!
  • 1, sort of new potential for an independent type (part time) job.  Who knows?  We’ll have to wait and see.  My first assignment (of sorts) is next week.  #vaguepostisvague
  • 1, article I’m writing about watching the US election as an expat.
  • 2, tickets to Nepal purchased for October!  #vivalaHooks
  • 1, month until we’re in Bali!
  •  A lot, of pride I feel for my alma mater, the University of Georgia, who is putting up a lot of medals at the Olympics in Rio.

A fun gif for your weekend (I love chickens):
chicken gif