Week by Numbers.

As usual, it’s been a minute.

I managed to finish an edit of another sequel before leaving on a belated Spring Break of sorts, before coming back and fixing the second draft of Take Two at Mulholland High.

  • 166, pages the ‘almost final’ draft finished, Confessions 2.
  • 172, pages the ‘final’ first draft was completed.
  • 61,534, words. Although I expect that to change, there’s plenty of room to write in new scenes.
  • 74,818, words in the Take Two at Mulholland High second draft.
  • 73,765, words in my editor’s draft.
  • 75,616, words in the final second draft.
  • 1, trip outside the country.
  • $251, dollars for a PCR test on Silhouette Island (Seychelles).
    • Per person.
  • 1, cookbook I’ve been asked to ghostwrite (let’s see if anything happens).
  • 1, podcast I was on, chatting about the A to Za’atar origin story.
  • 14, number of unwritten book ideas I have. How do I know this? I organized my Pinterest boards (yes, when between projects my procrastination gets specific).
  • 2, tickets purchased to the States this summer (well, I suppose it’s 4 in total, but still, so excited!).
  • 14,064, steps average for the past week.
  • almost 1, year since Poppy came to live with us!

Take Two at Mulholland High: Numbers.

Hello! I come to you from the depths of editing Take Two at Mulholland High.

A few numbers to share with you.

  • 69,523, original word count. I knew this was going to have to change, because I (intentionally) skipped writing two chapters.
  • 72,709, first draft, after adding and subtracting a lot of words. I have a Google doc with 10 pages of cut scenes, so there was a lot of movement, including cutting a few plot lines that went nowhere.
  • 71,104, what I would consider my ‘1.5’ draft. After meticulously going through and removing a ton of unnecessary words, this was the lowest point.
  • 74,818, with added chapters and final second draft.  I’m not sure where the final draft will end up, but I don’t expect a change too much on +/- 1,000 words, which is nearly identical to the first book in the series.

I’m currently waiting to send this draft to my editor, and once back, I will have a few people read the next iteration (it’s not quite there yet). I will say this draft took longer than I thought it would, but that’s okay. I’m happy with the efforts so far (and yes, I know what the third book looks like, which may or may not get written this year).

What’s next? As Mulholland 2 was one of two books (!) I wrote last year (!!), I’m moving on to edit the sequel to Confessions of a Teenage Band Geek.

And yes, the cover for Mulholland 2 is already lined up.