Sunday Sentence.

Note from the Author   This novel is a work of alternate history. Adding magic to the mix meant that events didn’t play out the way they appear in history books. Some things are entirely different, and some things are happening at different times or in different places. Figuring out where the real history might fit in is part of the fun.

Rebel Magisters (Rebel Mechanics Book 2) by Shanna Swendson

As I close in on finishing the Queen (and still lacking any motivation to actually share it with the rest of the world), I really liked this intro at the beginning of the sequel to Rebel Mechanics.  While I enjoyed the second book, it didn’t reach the highs the original novel did for me.  I’m still invested in the characters, but I thought the story moved a bit too slow.  That being said, I appreciate Ms. Swendson’s world building and would read any future books in the series.

Week by numbers.

It’s been a busy week (when is it not?).  The trip to Nepal was a great one and I would encourage everyone to visit Kathmandu.

  • 73,843, words in the draft of the Queen.
  • 194 (out of 232) that I am currently on in the edit.  On a bit of a side bar, I wish I had more excitement for poor Queen Juliette.  As with any time I write a book, I go from, ‘People will absolutely love this’ to ‘Why am I even bothering?’  Writing isn’t hard, it’s the entire process as a self-published author that you have to take into account.  While getting a final draft on something you’ve been working on for 2 years is an incredible accomplishment, it won’t suddnely market or launch itself, neither will it finish the other two books.
  • 7, kilometers trek we completed in Pokhara (all uphill).  I think it’s good sometimes to push yourself past what you usually do.  Kudos to the 5 year old in our group who did it as well.
  • 22,218, that’s how many steps I did on the same day, according to my trusty FitBit.
  • First, bags off.  Having never flown into DWC, I was stoked for an early arrival and seeing our bags come off first (something that has only happened to me once in my life, many years ago).  It’s the little things, people.
  • 1, Everest flight we did and saw the tallest mountain in the world.  There’s not really a way to even fathom how tall the Himalayas are, but trust me when I say gynormous.
  • 20, minutes, paragliding over the hills of Pokhara, which was approximately 15 minutes too long.  While doing new things is fun, thinking you’re going to barf while gliding on thermals is perhaps not the best feeling.
  • 1, minor cold I seem to have managed to pick up.  Boo.


On working from home.


I saw this on The Onion and, eight months into working from home, it spoke to me (on a few levels).  While I don’t particularly miss the camaraderie of an office (it’s much easier to manage my misophonia at home, also, my cat makes a fine office mate), I will say that being at my desk at 8AM every day makes me happy, as does getting to work on my books or write about food all day.

Week by numbers.

Just ducking in to get this one done.  Of course, I’ll be away next week and unable to post, but let’s hope for some upcoming consistency, shall we?

  • 130, pages out of 233 pages I am on for the final edit of The Queen of England: Coronation.  Even though I’ve used an editor, there is not a page that hasn’t had a slight tweak or change on it. From here, I hope to get some advanced copies out and decide a date to publish!
  • All, the days I’ve been out dining.  Life in the world of A to Za’atar has been keeping me super busy — I love it!
  • All, the steps I did at Dubai Mall on Wednesday.
  • 1, ensemble I’m trying to put together for a Halloween party.  I haven’t dressed up for Halloween in probably 15 years, so I’m looking forward to this one!
  • 1, other article I published over at Matador.
  • 1, Skype interview I had with another travel company… Curious to see where it will go.
  • Less than a week, until we leave for Nepal.

And just for fun, here’s a gif that made me laugh — Happy October!

cat in a box gif