Take One at Mulholland High: Cover reveal!

It’s here, and I love it! I worked with designer Angela Haddon on this cover (and have already booked her for the sequel).  While initially looking for an artist, I had pinned a number of Angela’s pre-made covers, and decided to pay for a custom cover (which I’m so glad I did).  If you can believe it, this is from round 14.  I’m also happy to announce the book is formatted and with a final round of proofreaders. It’s about time to get Chloe and Ali out into the world!

Sunday Sentence.

Stamped below the crest were the words of her family motto: FACIMUS QUOD FACIENDUM EST. We do what we must.”

— American Royals II: Majesty by Katharine McGee
I don’t think I’m ever NOT going to want to read books about female monarchs, and this sequel was a lot of fun.  Queen Juliette approved.

A recent interview with Karen Osman.

I sat down with another Dubai based author last month, and she was kind enough to interview me about some of the books that changed my life.  Hope you enjoy!

In which I know myself…


Another old post from 2015, that is somehow perfect for Twenty Year Reunion. Although my reunion was in 2018, this little gem was written by my 1998 self.  And guess what?  It’s true!  (Also funny enough, the guy I was dating  at the time I wrote this is also living abroad – we’re just not living in the same country).