Reviews: Royally related.

I’m currently working on yet another tangentially royal-related manuscript at the moment (not an AU Victorian novel, but a more modern one). Without giving too much away (after all, it’s not quite finished yet), events lead to a royal wedding (here’s the Pinterest board, if you’re interested). Thus, my ‘research’ reading is gearing towards fluffy rom-coms with elements of both. Here are two recent reads.

The Royal Next Door

To start, this is such a fun set up. A Meghan Markle/Prince Harry couple move in next door to our heroine, who lives on an island in Canada. Is the PPO attached to the (royal) fictional couple super hot? He is. In addition to a steamy romance, I really enjoyed how Ms. Halle incorporated modern elements. She created a realistic royal world, and smartly set herself up for a spin off. I would definitely read additional novels by the author.

The Paid Bridesmaid 

Another fun concept — a paid ‘professional’ bridesmaid! Unfortunately, the romantic storyline took FOREVER to unfold. I’m all about a slow burn, but by the end, I was just frustrated (as were the characters, sexually). Points for a realistic storyline and usage of modern elements, but overall it was a bit of a slog waiting for the leads to get together. Also, for me, I feel the need for a wildly obvious ‘we’re married and having a baby’ happy ending just a bit too far.

Do you have any recommendations for books in this genre? I’d love to hear from you!

PopSugar 2022 Reading Challenge.

  • A book published in 2022 – I’m not saying that Take Three at Mulholland High will be published next year, but I’m also not NOT saying that. Check out the first of the two books in the series here.
  • A book set on a plane, train, or cruise ship – A very pivotal scene of Twenty Year Reunion takes place on a private plane… Just saying.
  • A book about or set in a non-patriarchal society – While the events of The Queen of England trilogy do feature some men, with a literal queen, I’d like to think my AU steps out of a patriarchal society quite a bit.
  • A book about the afterlife – While not the main character, in Life After Joe, there is a lot of discussion about life after death (and what comes next for those left behind).
  • A book that takes place during your favorite season – if it’s Fall, it’s marching band. Try Confessions of a Teenage Band Geek.
  • A book about a band or musical group – double dipping here with Twenty Year Reunion and Quinn Martel.
  • A book set during a holidayRoom 702 literally has them all. And also, you can cross off the book that features two languages in the advanced category as well!
  • A different book by an author you read in 2021 – you can find all my books here, or here.
  • A book with two POVs – check out Take One (and Take Two) at Mulholland High, both feature Chloe and Ali as dual protagonists.

Hope that gets you started — happy reading!

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