PopSugar Reading Challenge 2023.

PopSugar, PopSugar Reading Challenge

  • A book you meant to read in 2022. I assume this could be any of my books, so I’ll just let you choose one.

  • A book about a vacation. Can I offer Life After Joe? Something of a road trip, vacation, and story of grief, all in one.

  • A book about a forbidden romance. Queen Juliette definitely shouldn’t have any feelings for the Captain of the Royal Guard in Coronation.

  • A book about or set in Hollywood. Hello, Take One (and Two) at Mulholland High!

  • A book published in spring 2023. I’ll get back to you on this one, but Take Three at Mulholland High and Confessions of a Band Geek v2 are both in the works, along with a new adult contemporary.

  • A historical-fiction book. The remainder of the Queen of England series is here to help!

  • A book about divorce. Twenty Year Reunion absolutely fits this category.
  • A book that takes place entirely in one day. Okay, cheating a bit, but Room 702 is a ton of one day chapters (it also features two languages).
  • A book that started out as fan fiction. No lies, The Line series actually did begin as fan fiction.

Hope that gets you started — happy reading!

A reminder that all of my books are free to read via Kindle Unlimited.