Week by Numbers.

This is my first week by numbers since July (oops), so there’s a few numbers to catch up on!

  • 2, YA books published.
  • 1, weekly foodie newsletter I’ve started. (Click here if you’d like to sign up).
  • 48,370, words into Confessions 2 (sequel to the above book).
  • 69,622, words for the complete sequel Take Two at Mulholland High that I finished in August (guys, I wrote A LOT this year).
  • 1, (potential) job in radio that I’m waiting on.
  • 2, new pairs of glasses ordered (the last time I got new glasses was apparently 2015, oops).
  • 3, offered full Thanksgiving dinners.  I accepted one last weekend, and one on Thanksgiving.
  • 1, international trip that Hubs is on (to Saudi for work, and the first travel since we went to Oman in early February).
  • 14, holes in our back yard (an estimate), from Poppy.

Review: Books with alternate realities.

The Space Between Worlds

Although I haven’t done much with my Sliding Doors-ish project (working title Counterfactual), I do keep an eye out for books that count as research towards my future draft.  The reality is that for authors attempting the fairly incredible feat of simultaneous worlds at the same time, the struggle is real.  Fortunately, for her debut novel, Ms. Johnson does a spectacular job that is creative and seamless.  This might be one of the few books this year I literally couldn’t put down.  Highly recommended, and I’m desperately hoping someone will option this for adaptation to screen.

The Midnight Library

As soon as I read the premise, this book was on my list.  And while I didn’t love the protagonist, the concept was perfectly delivered.  While this wasn’t my first date with Matt Haig (read the post here, I was less than impressed with a previous outing), I think he’s come a long way with the topic, and The Midnight Library is one I would recommend to others.  While not perfect, the novel does raise lots of ‘could I have been any one other than me?’ questions. Recommended.

The Line series, new covers.

With my upcoming rerelease of Confessions of a Teenage Band Geek, I thought it was well past time to get new covers up for The Line series.  While I don’t expect a lot of sales, nor did I put a ton of money (obviously) into these, I wanted something that was more cohesive as a series, and a step up from the rather antiquated previous covers.  At some point, I would love to revisit these books to edit and release them, but for now, my hope is that they might find a few new readers.

Reviews: Recent royal reading.


This was the follow up of American Royals, which I really enjoyed last year.  The sequel was not quite at the same level, and the ending a bit abrupt, but overall, in 2020, it was a fun bit of escapist fiction that I had fun reading.  (And yes, if there are any further books in the series, I will continue reading them.)  Also, was I rooting for a completely different pairing in the book?  I was.

The Guinevere Deception

Wow, I really enjoyed this book!  Given my Queen Juliette’s connection to Arthur and Excalibur, I’ve always been interested in the legend.  Ms. White comes at the well known myth with complete originality, excellent use of magic and world building, diverse characters, and a plot that was an absolute page turner.

The Camelot Betrayal

Unfortunately, the second book in the series was a bit all over the place.  While I really wanted to see more interaction between Guinevere and Arthur (for various reasons), the author chose to keep Guinevere on a number of frustrating side quests which seemed clunky and distracting.  As much as I want to see what happens next (the book ends on a very abrupt cliffhanger), I’m not sure I would be in a rush to pick the next in the series up.

Have you read anything memorable recently?