In which we start the blog.

“Ambition has given way to
desperation and I
lost the fight for my eyes.”

– Ben Folds, Boxing

Woah, starting on a bit of a heavy note, but these are the lyrics I heard on my drive into work this morning.  As people will most likely not even be reading these posts for quite some time, I have to warm up and get a bit more upbeat.

The above lyric is mostly to do with my current struggle to try and publish my work traditionally, or to not care and put my work out there in the world of self publishing.  I’m familiar with self publishing (it’s something I’ve done five times over).  My experience so far has been a good one – I’ve enjoyed connecting with my readers and feel a greater sense of pride knowing that each person who buys one of my books is a direct result of my attempts at marketing.

So, do I trust my work and ability for marketing and hope I become the next Mill River Recluse?  Or, do I try and get into an ever changing publishing game, where it seems like publishers and agents can’t keep up with what’s going on?

Only time will tell.

What are your thoughts?

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