25 Things Writers Should Start Doing (1/25)

Original post found here.  The article seems like a good place as any for prompts.

1. Start Taking Yourself Seriously

This is a real thing, this writing thing, if you let it be. It’s not just about money or publication — it’s about telling the kind of stories only you can tell. Few others are going to take you seriously, so give them a 21-middle-finger-salute and do for yourself what they won’t: demonstrate some self-respect.

In the immortal words of the internet, this.  Because I’m self published, I always self censor.  I never just come out and say, “I’m a writer.”  I make excuses and tell myself it’s a hobby I happen to love very much, but still am not sure if I could actually support myself through my words.  Even when others say, ‘wow, you’re a writer,’ I just downplay the whole thing.  Writing YA books and selling 2,000 copies doesn’t necessarily make me an author.

I’m not sure how one goes from writing as hobby to writing as living.  Even if financial success and critical acclaim did find its way to me, I’m just not sure if I’ll ever see the day where I consider myself a serious writer.  I do things I think writers are supposed to do:  I read, I write (I used to write daily…now, not so much), I edit.  I try and keep up with what is going on in the industry.  I travel.  I experience.  I let others read my work – I enjoy the work of others.

Without an agent or publisher, I guess the whole ‘serious’ thing is still a ways off.  And yet…I am telling the stories I want to tell – the words that come to me and no one else.  I don’t neglect this gift I’ve been given, but I also don’t push it to its fullest capability.

Hmm.  Something to think about.

What are your thoughts?

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