25 Things Writers Should Start Doing (2/25).

2. Start Taking The Time

Said it before, will say it again: we all get 24 hours in our day. Nobody has extra time. You must claim time for yourself and your writing. Time is a beast stampeding ever forward and we’re all on its back. Don’t get taken for a ride. Grab the reins. Whip that nag to go where you want her to go. Take control. Hell, pull out a big ol’ electric knife and carve off a quivering lardon of fatty Time Bacon all for yourself. (As a sidenote, the Germans had a name for that phenomenon: Zeitspeck. True story I just made up!)

Once upon a time, I did manage my time much better.  I was also writing extensively at work.  As my new job takes up much more time than all of my previous ones, it’s even more imperative now I carve out time to stick to my goals.  As of now, I’m just kind of drifting with no real timelines for any of my three works in progress.

Case in point, the novel I started editing in late December – I’ve been stuck on finishing the edit for weeks.  With all the excuses I can make (and many of them apply to working out as well), I need to shut up about them and set a realistic timeline.

So, world, here it is:

Room 702 will have a finished rough draft by my birthday this year, March 17th.

That wasn’t so bad.

And furthermore, once the rough draft is finished, I will pick up the Fates project and get it ready to send out for query.  I cannot put this off another year.

Oh, and I need to figure out what new book I should be writing this year.

What are your thoughts?

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