Using unlikely sites for story / character development.

I’m not entirely sure what goes on in other author’s writing processes.  Personally, I come from a very visual place.  So, when I joined two websites recently: Pinterest and Polyvore, I made them work for me as a writer.  If you’re wondering how, I’ve included examples below.  While yes, one could look at my collections as pure procrastination, I’ve enjoyed thinking about my characters and books in this way.  Do I choose outfits for every single person?  No.  Was my process truly helped by compiling a digital clothing set for a fictional being?  Who’s to say – all I know is that I find these images helpful.

Clothing choices for protagonist from the Fates project.

Pinterest is another place I’ve found helpful to story development.  Through the website, I can create boards that help me collect ideas, thoughts, locations, quotes, and other input for a particular story.  I find it very useful to have everything in one place.

Small selection of motivating images for Room 702.

Another website I find useful is Deviant Art.  As I’m not much of an artist, the site is a good place to connect with those who are.  Whether I’m in the market for a cover photo or an illustrator for my as yet finished children’s book, I find many inspiring images through the site.  (My Goldfish by kenglye).

Would be great to work with this artist!

Is what I’m doing revolutionary?  Of course not.  I’m curious if any other writers are using similar sites for their own development process.

What are your thoughts?

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