25 Things Writers Should Stop Doing (1/25)

Find the original list here.

1. Stop Running Away

Right here is your story. Your manuscript. Your career. So why the fuck are you running in the other direction? Your writing will never chase you — you need to chase your writing. If it’s what you want, then pursue it. This isn’t just true of your overall writing career, either. It’s true of individual components. You want one thing but then constantly work to achieve its opposite. You say you want to write a novel but then go and write a bunch of short stories. You say you’re going to write This script but then try to write That script instead. Pick a thing and work toward that thing.

I want to come up with a million excuses, but there really are none.  For example, this morning I was reading a fairly negative review of one of my books.  I know, that’s a shitty way to start anyone’s day.  And somehow, reading one poorly constructed review made me forget all the other amazing people I’ve interacted with so far through my books.  And yes, I’ll admit, writing is now about the last thing I want to do. What happens when more than 2,000 people read my books?  If I want to be as successful as I aim to be, there’s going to be a lot more room for snarking about my work.

Given the examples above, I’m still on the fence about committing to going through the query process or just going balls to the wall for self publishing.  Perhaps it’s time to put on the big girl pants and make a decision, then make plans around that decision.  I can’t spend my time second guessing or working towards multiple goals that contradict each other.  Damn you, list, why do you have to be so logical??!

What are your thoughts?

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