25 Things Writers Should Stop Doing (2/25).

2.  Stop Stopping

Momentum is everything. Cut the brake lines. Careen wildly and unsteadily toward your goal. I hate to bludgeon you about the head and neck with a hammer forged in the volcanic fires of Mount Obvious, but the only way you can finish something is by not stopping. That story isn’t going to unfuck itself.

In a moment of total irony, I’ve started and stopped writing this post for at least an hour.  That’s what I get for writing at work.  Anyway, I respect the ‘no stopping’ mantra.  When I’m in the habit of writing a novel, if I stop, the book will never end.  A traditional trajectory for me (no matter the final length of the book) is usually 5-6 months.  Unfortunately, editing takes longer and is prone to constant stopping.  I’ve been trying to persevere for the editing process of the current rough draft, but it’s been coming in fits and starts.  I can usually manage 8-10 pages a day on the weekend, with maybe that much being edited during the week.

Again with the excuses, but I need to find some dedication to get some writing / editing done once I get home from work.  Who needs to eat, clean, exercise, have a life anyway?

What are your thoughts?

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