The Eureka Moment.

It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, I love it.  Answering the question, ‘where do ideas come from’ is one I find very difficult.  I don’t know where they come from, they just do.  It could be a line from a song, an experience, or a conversation.  In the case of Sunday night, I had settled down to read a book and in the course of a paragraph the best possible ending for one of my current WIPs came to me.  Just like that.  I literally jumped up from bed and ran down the hall, and filled up 2 pages in my notebook.

I’ve known for awhile that the book wasn’t completely ready.  After two drafts, the current ending doesn’t deliver the impact I want it to.  I hoped if I was patient, my waiting would pay off.  I’m super glad I did.  Not only will the new ending deserve the absolute punch I want it to, it will also set up my next book – a novel I’ve known I needed to write for at least a year now, but with no clue of how to start it.

Anyway, I hope your week (or month) was filled with equal moments.

*Nerd fact – Eureka, translated from Greek as ‘I have found it’ is also the state motto of my former home state, California!

What are your thoughts?

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