Being motivated by those around you.

For some reason, it only just occurred to me last night – my friends are rather incredible.  They are constantly raising the bar on what they do (respectively).  As I initially worked in the film and television industry, the successes coming from friends still involved is rather overwhelming.  Friends selling films at Sundance.  Friends casting major pilots.  Friends with their names in credits of successful shows every week.  And that’s just getting warmed up.  In other industries, I have a friend who is an amazing professional photographers.  Friends who’s created comics and webcomics.  Friends who are doctors and lawyers and vets.  Another friend flies planes.  Friends who have started their own companies.  Friends, although not traditionally published, are amazing writers who have talents I only dream of.

For some reason, I know all these incredible people in my life.  Being around such greatness, I feel inspired to try and keep up – I don’t want to get left behind.

And that's why I'm so lucky.

What are your thoughts?

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