World Building.

I found a long list of questions intended to help build fictional ‘worlds.’  While I have 4 WIPs to choose from, today I think I’ll answer for Ayah, the protagonist of my historical thriller.

  • 1: What are some personal problems that your characters are dealing with?

She doesn’t get caught up on the small stuff, so her biggest personal problem is a rather large one, actually.  My character is in a bit of a crisis surrounding her purpose of being alive for nearly 3,000 years.  Why has she been allowed to live for so long?  Who is behind this decision?

  • 2: What are your characters’ morning routines?

Ayah enjoys routine in whatever city she’s in.  Enjoying running, she will often slip a pair of trainers on, put in her headphones and jog a nearly 3 mile loop.  After cooling down and committing to a 5-10 meditation sequence, she prefers to break her fast with French press coffee (strong, black and Jamaican beans), a tall glass of cool lemon mint water and depending on her activities the night before, will usually opt for fresh fruit (unless she’s in Paris, and then she’ll go for a freshly made pain au chocolat).  She’s very adaptive to technology and, after unlocking the massive amounts of security connected to her laptop, will scan through her e-mail and catch up on the news.

  • 3: What are your characters’ favorite foods?

Having lived all over the world and throughout time, Ayah is more likely to associate food with meals she’s shared with past friends, lovers, and family.   On her own, she enjoys simple pleasures.  Growing up on the Mediterranean, she likes fish just caught from the sea, cooked over an open flame, with a bit of olive oil, sea salt and lemon.   Fresh bread with a bit of real butter is a comfort food.  She loves dishes that only come with certain festivals and will often travel to extreme parts of the world to indulge.

What are your thoughts?

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