25 Things Authors Should Start Doing (5/25)

5. Start Upping Your Game

I don’t care if you’re good at what you do. I don’t care if you’re great at what you do. You can always improve. You can always be better. You know what happens to people who tread water? They grow inevitably weary and then they drown and hermit crabs use their body as a sex playground. That’s a fact. I read it in the New York Times. If anybody knows facts, it’s them.

I’m pleased to admit that my writing has improved since I first started 5 or 6 years ago.  Cut to me: cringing when I go back and read my first book, but I digress. However, of course, there is always room for improvement.  I think being aware of ‘upping’ my game is what’s stopped me so far from publishing the Fates project.  As I’m fairly slow to come around to change, yesterday I started looking into finding an editor for the maunscript.  This would be a first for me, and I’m still not entirely convinced I want to make the investment.  However, if I look at publishing my hotel book first to test the water while the Fates’ game is being upped (professionally), I think I would feel better.  To me, it’s all about forward momentum.

Or maybe not.

I can’t decide.

What was the topic again?

What are your thoughts?

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