World Building Cont’d.

27: What do your characters seek in a romantic relationship?

For many years, Ayah has not sought anything in a romantic relationship except a warm body (male or female, she’s more attracted to the person than getting hung up on which sex they are).  Having outlived all of her various lovers, she knows better than to get heavily invested in romance – it’s just too painful.  If she needs companionship, she has the entire Voltaggio clan around.

However, if Ayah was very honest with herself, she would admit to wanting someone brave, loyal and empathetic.  They wouldn’t need to be as well traveled as her, but someone with a spirit of adventure.  While they could never match her intellect, she does seek an individual who can hold their own on a number of topics important to her.

It's really just someone to keep the bed warm.

What are your thoughts?

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