That TV Show the Travel Channel needs to give me.

I often like to think big.  Some days I get moments of ‘aim for the moon because at least you’ll hit the stars’ and like to think what will happen if when my books reach high levels of success.  My current ‘big picture’ dreams involve the following:

1. My hotel novel, Room 702, will be a runaway self-published success.  I’ll be able to support myself through writing.  The Travel Channel will, of course, hear about my obviously fantastic book, and decide they need to give me a job hosting a show where I go around the world and check out various hotel suites and learn more about all the crazy stuff that happened on property or which important people stayed in these rooms.  Watch out, Samantha Brown!

Only, you know, better.

2. The Fates project (whenever published) manages to catch attention of Hollywood in a different way.  While the current storyline takes place in the present, there is AMPLE room for any number of spin off books a sequel I still need to write or, in my mind, a television series.  With Ayah involved in many major moments in history, an entire season could be built around how she came to be at these various moments in time.  I’m thinking Showtime or HBO and a 12 episode order.

Hey, it could happen – right?  Right???

What are your biggest ‘one day it could happen’ dreams?

What are your thoughts?

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