25 Things Writers Should Start Doing (6/25)

13. Start Going Places

Get the hell out of your house. Open the door. Kick out a window. Escape. Go somewhere. I don’t care if it’s the corner store or the island of Kauai or Mount Kilimanfuckingjaro. Writers are often too insular. They think those two oft-cited pieces of writing advice — “Put your ass in the chair and write” and “read a lot” — are all it takes. Bzzt! Wrongo! You’ve got to see a bit of the world. Have some adventures. Experience what’s going on around you. Become a part of the whole crazy machine. Let it fuel your wordsmithy.

I couldn’t agree with this one more!  In fact, there’s a few places I hope to go before publishing the Fates project. Google maps is good, but I’m pretty sure that experiencing these places in person is going to be a totally different and would add a lot more to the story.

My top list?

1.  Socotra

2. Venice

3.  The University of Virigina

4. (revisit) Cairo

I feel lucky to have lived in four countries already.  Most days, I doubt I would have even been able to create the above project without my international experience.  At the top of my list is Socotra, part of Yemen.  This is where I have to wonder if fate (hee hee) is somehow involved.  Why?  Two of my co-workers, great guys and fun colleagues, are from Yemen!  All I have to do is wait for things to calm down in Sana’a.

If you could just calm things down, that would be great. I need to see these trees.

Also, if I had an unlimited budget, for Room 702, I would go to every luxury hotel I could.  Unfortunately, funds will probably get in the way, so I’ll just have to take what I can observe from where the book was conceived (literally).  The W Doha.  I’m there pretty regularly, so at least that’s inspiring.

Where would you go if money were no object?

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