Book Review: The Nerdist Way by Chris Hardwick.

My husband and I don’t necessarily have the same taste in books.  That’s entirely okay, because I would worry if he liked reading copious amounts of romance novels diversity is a good thing in a relationship.  When Hubs finished The Nerdist Way by Chris Hardwick, he was pretty adamant that I start it immediately.  I was already familiar with Chris’s highly entertaining podcast, the Nerdist, and so was curious to see what his book would be like.  For the record, I read almost entirely fiction – rarely dipping over to non-fiction and almost never into the category of self help.  However, as a major Nerd, I’ve found the book a very easy read and one I can really relate to.

As an author, Chris Hardwicke has a voice very much his own.  So what if he’s not built an entire career about writing?  The genuine care he gives to the reader is something that really resonates with me as I read the book.  Not only am I motivated and inspired through reading this book – and asking pretty major questions of myself – I’m also struck with how seamlessly Chris has made the information.

What can I, as a writer of fiction, take away from the book?  Lots, actually!  Rather than getting stuck over choosing the perfect word, or ensuring every paragraph transitions into the next, I think it’s more about keeping my audience entertained – and perfecting my own voice.  Because, seriously, what keeps anyone reading a book?  There’s an investment of time, sure, but makes us walk away and want to tell someone about what we’ve just read?  In the case of the self help genre, what can an author write to actually get someone to take action?  I don’t think there’s a secret formula, I think it’s about being true to yourself (and your work).

Check this book out - you won't be disappointed!

So, well done, Chris Hardwick – thank you for sharing your thoughts with the world.  (And letting us know it’s definitely okay to be a Nerd).

What are your thoughts?

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