After Katniss, can we get Alanna?

For all the faults I have with the adaptation of the Hunger Games to screen, I still love Katniss Everdeen as a protagonist.  My love of kick ass young women mostly stems from the Alanna quartet by the fantastic Tamora Pierce.  Ms. Pierce has written other novels in the Tortall universe, but the original series will always have a special place in my heart.  So, I have to wonder in Hollywood’s constant need to minimize risks, if they would start looking for other similar stories.  While Alanna’s world does not fall in a dystopian future, I think there is enough of an overlap for audiences to respond to her story.  Additionally, with the continued success of Game of Thrones, I think the time is right to adapt The Song of the Lioness to screen (or HBO series).

I chose the French cover because it looks more bad ass.

What book or series are you desperate to see adapted to screen?

4 thoughts on “After Katniss, can we get Alanna?

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