Three Fates – Book Review.

I’m not entirely sure how I found Three Fates by Nora Roberts, but after reading the summary (a combination of romance, the Fates, and historical objects), I pretty much had to purchase the novel.  After all, based on the short description, I felt like this book would be a good fit for my own (hypothetical) readers.  Furthermore, as Ms. Roberts is a very successful author, I was interested to see how she handled one of my favorite mythological subjects.

While some readers might get a bit annoyed with the constant analogies and conversation about fate and destiny, I, of course, enjoyed every second of it.  The momentum was fairly decent and I liked most of the characters.  Furthermore, Ms. Roberts did an excellent job of handling seven main characters (plus additional supporting cast).  As I am always trying to balance and better develop my own group, I was impressed by her ability to easily and clearly define personalities, all while moving the story forward.  The ending was predictable, the romance was hot and overall, while not entirely the same as my own Fates project (thank goodness!), I was glad I paid over my usual price for a e-book.

So, who would I recommend the book to?  As I am not well read on the rest of Ms. Roberts’ library, I can’t definitively say the rest of her readers would enjoy this novel.  Additionally, while the novel has many elements of a thriller, I think the romantic storylines might turn off a potential reader.  As I’m sure Nora Roberts has no problem selling books, I don’t think she would have the same concerns I do about attracting as many audience members as possible.  As I returned to the Amazon page for the book, I read over the reviews (mostly positive, and plenty of them) and tried to find other books similar to this one, unfortunately, the ‘Readers who bought this…’ category listed only Nora Roberts books and no others.

I’m not really sure how this is a cover. It has literally NOTHING to do with the book.

Or this…

I want to be such a successful author that I do not require cover art!

The book, however, did come with some wonderful quotes about my favorite trio, so I thought I would share them with you:

“The first, who held the spindle spoke, ‘I spin the thread, but you will make what you will.’  The second held a silver tape for measuring and said, ‘I mark the length, but you use the time.’  And the third, with her silver scissors, told me this, ‘I cut the thread for nothing should last forever.  Don’t waste what you are given.:

“None could function alone.  A thread might be spun, but endlessly and without purpose or its natural course.  Or without the spinning, there’s nothing to measure, nothing to cut.  Three parts – one purpose.”

“We can’t escape fate, but we can do a great deal to carve our own mark in it – to turn it to our advantage or disadvantage.”

Over the years of working on this project, I’ve collected heaps of quotes about the Fates, maybe I’ll share them one day soon!

What are your thoughts?

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