Time Off is Necessary.

If you’re like me, you take writing (or whatever hobby you happen to be into) seriously.  If I’m not actively writing, I’m usually editing.  If I’m not editing, I’m always marketing – usually in the form of Tumblr, facebook or similar.  In my loosely defined yearly ‘schedule,’ it is rare then, then I have long breaks or gaps.  My definition of  ‘long’ BTW, translates somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 weeks.  I like my mini-breaks (mostly because they coincide with an actual vacation), but sometimes it’s nice to wake up on a weekend and not feel the need to open my laptop and get down to business.  Call me lazy, but by mentally allowing myself a break, I can indulge in chilling out, having no agenda, and doing whatever the hell I want.

And of course, when I allow myself to relax, new ideas seem to come forward without so much as trying.  Hubs and I were lucky enough to travel to both Dubai and South Africa (to help celebrate friends’ weddings – yay!) and during the trip came up with:  a unique website idea, a children’s book (which became a running inside joke throughout the trip), and a television show (hello, Travel Channel).  A prior holiday yielded an idea for a podcast (not that we’ve done anything about it…).  I think the ideas this time around might marinate for awhile, but I do want to eventually get to them – especially the kids book.

Now, if I could just ensure that I get an idea for a sequel I need to write during an upcoming trip to the States in July, that would be awesome…

This name is relevant, I promise.

Are you type A enough like me to actually schedule time off?  Daily procrastination on the internet does not count.


What are your thoughts?

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