In which we start a sequel.

This week I started the sequel to my Fates project.  I didn’t actually mean to do it, but I finally (!) got inspiration for a good place to start and decided now was as good a time as any.  And I’m really glad I did.  As I’ve been looking at the original Fates project for the past two weeks or so (incorporating the new ending, adding a friend’s notes in), it seemed a natural place to pick up and start writing the ‘what happens next.’  At this point, unless some amazing agent comes charging in (highly unlikely), the Fates will be mine to publish and promote.

I’ve written sequels before – my YA series is a continuing set of stories set in the same fictional universe.  However, with the Fates being much more involved, I’m glad to be writing the two in tandem.  This is probably the point where I should realize that if I sat down and outlined the entire project, not only would my life be easier, the project would be more cohesive and easier to write.  This is probably also where a more mature author would be researching editors to work with.  While I do plan on sending the original Fates to a professional, I don’t want to waste their time or my money.  Without the sequel, Fates I isn’t going to be 100% complete and there’s point on sending it to anyone.

The additional thing is, writing has never been work to me (editing is another story).  Outlining seems like work.  Maybe the level of my writing would be elevated if I did have a better understanding of where I was going, but for now, I’m going to sit back and see where my characters take me.  On the cusp of hobby vs. and actual activity where I can support myself, I don’t mind letting myself get lost in a rough draft for another few months.

5,000 words down – 75-85,000 to go!

What are your thoughts?

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