Serendipity (aka Cape Verde).

In the rough draft (and maybe even the 1st draft) of the Fates project, I had the characters do a major detour to Cape Verde (small set of islands off the coast of Africa).  In the end, Cape Verde became a sad pit of time and momentum and got chopped out of the story.  I was glad to see the plot streamlined, but had a lot of research and nowhere to put it.  Enter Fates II.  In my initial foray into the book, I needed a similar spot and without much compromise, was easily able to make Cape Verde the spot.

Even better, look at this location:

I mean really, the Super Friends could live here and I would believe it.

Now, I still need to do a bit of research on the lighthouse, but as of now – it’s a fundamentally perfect ‘real’ fictional location.

Love it when things come together without trying!


What are your thoughts?

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