What was different? KDP Select (Second book, 1st free day).

So, I’ve posted previously about my trials with KDP Select.  Based on my expectations, I think I was off to a good start.  With The Line and its various dates February – April, I saw a nice bump in the initial free offering (and was pleased how that bump carried over to the other books in the series).  After the KDP Select service finished on The Line, I opted the next book in the series, A Fine Line, into the program.  As I had a guest post yesterday on a YA blog, I decided to bring the two together.  Guest post + free book (however, the free book was NOT mentioned in the post).  I didn’t do much more advertising than previously – i.e., letting people know via various channels (facebook – only the fan page and not my much larger friend network, Twitter, and Tumblr).  In fact, for a sleepy Wednesday in May, I didn’t have a lot of expectations.

How, then, is it possible, that I would have 4x as many books downloaded?

Literally, The Line “sold” around 1100 for its first free day.

A Fine Line is currently at 4356 for its first free day and there’s still time left.

In fact, A Fine Line is currently at #66 #63 in all Amazon sales (and still climbing?).  The bump from the free version of A Fine Line has sent all of my books much higher than they’ve ever placed in the past three months.

I’m not complaining, I’m just trying to figure out EXACTLY what I did differently so that I can recapture magic with additional books.

Furthermore, as much as I love A Fine Line – I know it’s not my best work.  I guess I’m excited that one of my new more contemporary books would hopefully have the ability to reach similar numbers!


What are your thoughts?

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