50 Shades of Grey…some observations.

No, I haven’t downloaded the books.  Yes, I am waiting for the price to come down a bit.  Why?  Based on reviews, I don’t think the price point matches what I’m willing to pay.  Anyway…the fact that cannot be denied, EL James and her trilogy is a runaway success.  Kindle sales have been steady, media coverage has been fantastic, and for a book that started as fanfiction (yay!), I was curious.  While my own material is not as salacious, I did want to check in and see what a (unplanned) commercially successful author did.

The website is basic, the covers are not spectacular, but one thing that I really liked was the soundtrack section.  As an author who writes to music, is constantly inspired and motivated by music, I actually loved that she not only listed tracks, but also the entire playlist (and which scenes they corresponded to) via YouTube.  I don’t see a lot of overlap between Ms. James’s work and my own, but the soundtrack idea is a good one and I’ll definitely be incorporating it into my own marketing upon release.

Additionally, should I strive to reviews like this one?  The Columbus Dispatch also criticized the book but stated that, “Despite the clunky prose, James does cause one to turn the page.”

What are your thoughts?

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