KDP – No Rhyme or Reason.

So, when we last left our hero, she was riding high on a perfect KDP Select free day.  My title (published under my YA name, Courtney Brandt), had nearly 5,000 free downloads and the sales wave carried over to my other titles – in other words, a home run.  So, with my second free day yesterday, I followed all the same marketing avenues (aka the free kind on Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook, and included a few extra notices on some popular Facebook groups related to my book).  I went to bed last night highly optimistic.  Waking up, my hopes were completely dashed.  A Fine Line had only 60 (!!!!!!!!!!!) downloads.  Compared to this time last free day, I was working my way towards 4800+ and nearing the top 60 spot on Kindle sales.

As of now, I’m at 84 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) downloads and occupying the #1926 spot.

What.  The.  Hell?

There have been rumors that Amazon had recently tweaked its algorithms, but I cannot understand why the drop off would be so significant.

I guess, if I really look at my end goal for listing a book for free, the one off crazy successful day may be better overall.  If I review my first book (which, over the total of its 5 free days on Amazon, reached a grand total of around 2250 downloads) and compare the two, the bump in sales from my second book’s first free day was much more significant.  In fact, the initial bump of the second book was greater than the entire free run of the first book combined.  However, in reflecting on the much more ‘steady’ free days of the first book, I honestly cannot understand what would cause my numbers to drop so dramatically.

Had I saturated the market with my initial push?  Should I have triggered a second free day following the success of my first one instead of spreading the dates out?  Will my numbers be able to improve when I list the book again for free later this month?  What other avenues should I try to promote the book?


As this process of giving away books is to best determine the perfect formula for launching a new book, the inconsistencies I’ve experienced to date are not helping.  I’ve kept the controls the same, so how do I know what’s impacting the reach of the book?

In the end, this is what all of my ‘research’ will look like.

Suggestions welcome.

What are your thoughts?

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