Dream desk / office.

This is a rather crap picture, but I’ve always had this dream that one magical, (not so) distant day when I “make it,” I’ll have the space to create my dream office.  My mental dream office is a wondrous place that is part study / part library and full of natural light.  The desk above is a good fit as I love the built in couch element – perfect for relaxing and reading.  There will be a massive bulletin board / wipeboard for me to plan things out and pin things up.  There will be a map of the world that takes up an entire wall.  There will be a mini-fridge for Diet Cokes, a basket for my future pug and another basket for my current (giant) cat.  There will be no TV, only a good sound system.

Until that time when I a) own a house b) am not an ex-pat and c) can support myself through my writing, I guess it just leaves writing on the couch as usual.

Where do you write?  What elements are in your dream office?

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