Character Development: The Moth podcast

As an author, I find motivation and inspiration all around me: a lyric from a song, a line from a book, people watching at the airport.  In the recent past, I was tipped to the Moth podcast (a friend of a friend had presented one week).  After listening to this woman’s brave and wonderful story – I was hooked.  Now, each week, in about 15 minutes I get to listen to a person telling an emotionally charged story.  As I’m living abroad, and not much of a short story teller myself, I don’t have the opportunity to try and attend one of their events, but I look forward to the day when I am closer to one.

Unlike This American Life (another podcast I thoroughly enjoy), the Moth is an even more intimate look at someone’s life.  The amount of emotion heard in each short story is a great study in being human and what connects us.  As an author, I find these tales perfect little pieces for future characters and development to make characters more ‘real.’  I challenge anyone to start listening and not want to tune in week after week.  Best of all?  It’s free!

Find The Moth podcast here, True Stories Told Live.

What are your thoughts?

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