Publishing in another language.

Readers come in all forms.  For example, my book club in Dubai had members from many different countries.  Most of the group were not reading in their first language – a fact I was continually impressed by.  We would have relatively (wine inspired) deep discussions about rather involved books and they would always surprised me with their abilities to read and interpret the English language.

As an author in an ever growing and ever crowded market, I am not above making choices that will help me stand out and get noticed.  Call it a gimmick, but I see no problem in going after additional market share.  While it had never occurred to me until about two weeks ago, I have the potential to tap into markets I had never previously considered.  Have I mentioned how lucky I am to have incredible friends across the world?  Probably not.  Between my close friends, I have the potential to translate into:  Afrikaans, Dutch, German, French and maybe even Japanese.  It’s a big ask, but once I’ve got a final draft of Room 702 (the shortest of my books and the one I plan on releasing first), I see no issue in talking to my friends about translating.  Although the book (in its current form) isn’t as ‘international’ as my other two, a South African friend pointed out – that’s my hook.  Books in Afrikaans seem to deal with a very specific set of topics and my novel would be something different.  Priced right, maybe a reader in another country would want to give my book a chance.

Watch this space.

(Also, go me! this is my 100th post).



What are your thoughts?

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