I read a lot of free books on Kindle (we’ve established this previously).

While I won’t mention the name of the book, I find it nearly to impossible a person would be seriously bullied because they had red hair (unless of course, they are Dr. Reid from Scrubs) and ‘sparkling blue eyes.’  This same protagonist, because of the ‘bullying’ ‘has’ to leave her home town and ‘get away.’  While chick lit isn’t that well known for its deep character development, sometimes there are limits I cannot accept in fiction.  For example, as someone who lives 8,000 miles away from home, if a character ‘moves away’ but remains in the same state, I get annoyed.  Additionally, I don’t think bullying is something that should be particularly taken lightly, and so when it is repeatedly brought up that their formative years were terrible ones because of THE COLOR OF HER HAIR, I just lost interest and stopped reading.  In fact, I became more interested in the unnamed bullies – who are these people and why do they hate gingers so much?  Forget the protagonist and her sob story, tell me about the high school students who can’t tolerate someone’s natural hair color.  Was I somehow missing a deeper commentary on judging people on their appearance or other physical qualities beyond their control?

Clearly, the devil.


What are your thoughts?

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