Positive Challenge: Day 2.

Day two.
Let someone know what you plan to do. Let them know they are welcome to join you, or give their support. Why did you choose the person/people? Do you think they can help you, or do you think they can use the help?

People of the internet – I choose you!  Honestly, why participate in a 30 day challenge unless you’re going to let masses of unknown virtual strangers what you plan to do?  In all seriousness, the bulk of support will most likely fall to Hubs.  Aside from being ‘there’ for me for 10+ years, I think both of us could use a healthy dash of positivity in our lives.  Having recently just left Doha and now returned (leaving again tomorrow), I find myself increasingly negative about the country.  I know there are many positive things about living here, unfortunately, they usually escape me.

What are your thoughts?

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