Positive Challenge: Day 3.

Day three.
Let go of something negative. This could be apologizing, even if you still think you’re right, forgiving someone/yourself for something, forgetting about something that you really can’t change, stop punishing yourself for a past mistake, etc.

I’m trying – I really am, but this is not something that comes easily to me.  For example, there’s a person in the periphery of my life that I seem to concentrate a lot of undue frustration and almost all out hate on.  Really, self?  You are how old?  And what does this accomplish in your life?  So, as of today I think my best option is to cut this person out altogether.  Rather than expose myself to constant frustration, I need to just let go of the shaudenfraude and move on already.  Hopefully one day when I’ve matured past the level of an eight grader I’ll be able to reintroduce this person into my life and be genuinely happy for them.  Until then, I think I need to work on myself a bit more.

What are your thoughts?

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