Positive Challenge: Day 4.

Day four.
Learn something new. Something that takes time and practice, that will make you feel accomplished, even if you don’t think you’re the best at it. Why did you choose to learn it?  Do you think it’ll be challenging? How long do you think it should take to get good at it?

Okay positivity challenge, learning something new in one day is a bit of a tall order.  As much as I would love to, say, learn and master classic guitar, how to speak Arabic and to be able to support myself through my writing, I think I’ll have to take a step back and commit to learning something new this year or month.  And just for you, positivity challenge, today I will try and learn at least a new word (at the minimum I will try and incorporate said word into my work in progress.  Positivity challenge, I hope you know what you’re asking for – today I’m in the middle of a well earned vacation).

Why would I choose to learn a new language or word?  Living overseas for 5+ years, I see what saying ‘thank you’ in someone’s first language can accomplish.  Additionally, as an author, I can admit that the vocabulary I regularly use is a bit lacking.  Learning and using new words can only enhance my manuscripts.  Will it be a challenge?  Yes, but for someone who wants to build a career around the use of words – I see it as a necessary goal.

How long will it take me?  As long as it takes!  I see vocabulary usage as an ongoing project.

What are your thoughts?

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