Positive Challenge: Day 5.

Day five.
Indulge yourself with something you enjoy. Something positive that makes you feel good, and that’s still good for you. Have some chocolate, take a hot bubble bath, spend time with friends, read, dress up nice even if you don’t have somewhere to go, etc. How do you feel after doing it? Is it something you wish you can do every day? What’s stopping you?

Thank you, positive challenge, for this suggestion.  Today I plan on meeting a very good friend for lunch – if she’ll let me, I’ll be happy to ‘shout the check.’  Given that I am still in the middle of an extended holiday, I have been treating myself very well since the 21st.  Even in the past 2 days, Hubs and I have been shopping our little hearts out.  Where we live is a difficult place to get anything done easily, so I’ve been indulging my inner shopper since we arrived in Dubai.

How does all this shopping and indulgence make me feel?  Pretty good, I guess.  However, it’s more a sense of accomplishment – about getting things done (checking things off the list is always something I look forward to) that I think I’m responding to.

Are these things I wish I could do every day?  Travel and ‘live’ in a country that makes a hell of a lot more sense than the one I currently reside in?  Hell yes!  The reality is that, when you have things you take for granted taken away from you, you begin to appreciate them that much more.  (I’m looking at you, bacon).

What’s stopping me?  The reality is that the employment situation is much more stable in Doha.  Hubs and I both have jobs that will be around for the extended future.  Also, there is no way I could continue to spend, eat and drink like I have been without serious health and financial repercussions.  There is a time for everything – but eating salami and caramel popcorn for breakfast needs to be a limited engagement.  Same with trying to independently keep the Emirati GDP functioning.

So, I will continue to enjoy myself until the 4th, and then it will be time to transition back to reality.  🙂

What are your thoughts?

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