Positive Challenge: Day Nine

Day nine.
Celebrate everything. Pay attention to the small things you never really think about, that give you something to be happy about. Write up a list of these things, and keep it somewhere you’ll see it when you really need it. What did you celebrate? How do you feel about these things?

Today, there is a lot to celebrate.  I had breakfast with a dear friend I only get to see a few times a year.  I woke up in an awesome 3 bedroom apartment walking distance from Dubai Mall.  How much to stay here for a week?  Nothing.  I celebrate generous friendships.  I celebrate being able to buy pork and alcohol easily.  I celebrate a public transport system that works.  I celebrate my health and the health of my friends and family.  I celebrate wonderful weather in January.  I celebrate the optimism of a New Year.  I celebrate having a good book to read.  I celebrate finding new things for people I love.  I celebrate having a blue passport that allows me to go anywhere I want.  I celebrate an internet connection.  I celebrate new music.  I celebrate things within walking distance.  I celebrate drinks with my husband overlooking cultural landmarks.  I celebrate delicious vegetarian lunches (that I didn’t have to make).  And finally, I celebrate almost finishing a novel.

Certainly, when I read things like this that make me almost lose hope in humanity, I want to hope that there will always be small things to celebrate.

What are you celebrating?

What are your thoughts?

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