Positive Challenge: Day Ten

Day ten.
Have any of the challenges made you feel better? Have you done them all so far? Pick one and repeat it today. Why did you choose that one? Do you feel any different doing it a second time? Is it what you expected?

I’m not sure any of the challenges have made me feel better specifically, but I do appreciate the reminders and affirmations that when it comes down to it, there isn’t a lot I should be all that sad about (and yes, I have completed them all!).

When travel became stressful yesterday, I actually went back to the previous day – and the list of things to celebrate.  I more or less tried to remind myself that waiting in a line to return to my home country, the ensuing chaotic flight and blissfully easy cab ride home were all things I was lucky to have.  The long lines didn’t make it easy, but in the end, I made it home to my apartment I only share with my husband to our two healthy cats and that is all that counts.  As an added bonus, I smiled politely at the stewardess and we bonded over the rather rude and entitled local kid sitting next to me.

What are your thoughts?

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