Positive Challenge: Day Twelve

Day twelve.
Make the day as positive as possible. For every negative thought, write down a positive thought. Do positive things. How challenging was this? How do you feel now, and how did you feel when you started?

Ha ha hahahaha.  Ha.  Ha.  Oh Day Twelve, how you make me laugh.  Today was my first day back to work in 2 weeks and I was not filled with positivity (inasmuch was I filled with too much red wine from the evening before and my husband’s cat wanting to walk all over me between the hours of 5-7AM).  While the work itself wasn’t that bad – a wee bit intimidating amount of things to do and e-mails to wade through, the fact my computer continually didn’t work was not helping, nor was the rather idiotic and pointless diversion of traffic to almost double my commute home this evening.  Still, there were a lot of small positives to balance out the day: my washing machine works again!  I got multiple holiday cards from back home and around the world!  Christmas presents from my parents!  A new book from my boss!  My WEDDING DRESS FOR JUNE IS HERE and I will try it on as soon as I am done being sweaty from my walk!!  My favorite monthly treat (Birchbox) arrived with tons of fun sampos even if my October and November boxes are missing!  My cats are very happy and can’t stop purring!

So, Positive Challenge, while much of the day was spent being negative, the Elevation Burger for dinner and all my new treats have swung me well back to the positive side.

What are your thoughts?

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