Positive Challenge: Day 14

Day fourteen.
Talk to someone you’ve unintentionally lost contact with. Let them know what you’re doing and why you chose them as the person for this challenge. How do you feel after speaking to them? Do you think you’ll keep contacting them more often?

3rtad5-300x196Sorry positive challenge, I had time to find this picture, but not to contact someone.

I guess I feel fortunate that my friendships are cyclical.  Even years after last speaking with someone, I can still pick up and connect with people.  I should be better about it – but friends, especially life long ones are going to go through cycles.  My dream is of one day living in a Golden Girls scenario, where all the friends I’ve made throughout my life are all in a retirement community together – playing cards, drinking and racing around on golf carts.  Furthermore, I’m coordinating a big old party in June which will bring together friends from all over the world and I feel this puts me well ahead.

Ann completely misses the point.

What are your thoughts?

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