Positive Challenge: Day 15

Day fifteen.
Put your practicing to the test. Come up with something positive to do on your own. What did you do? How did coming up with your own make you feel? Can you do it more often?

I got REALLY worked up on the way home from work today.  My commute is usually 30 minutes each way – yes, there are people trying to run me off the road and it’s aggressive, but it is steady and I have podcasts to distract me.  This week, for no apparent reason, the routing changed completely.  Roads were closed, the alternatives were terrible and after a long day of work, I spent an hour in the car.  Cut to: Angry Ann.  Not making it any better?  Getting skeeved on by the workers waiting for the buses.  Yes, I’m a woman – no, that doesn’t give you the right to stare at me as if I am a piece of meat.


After listening to the random radio selections (tonight is ‘Movie Night’ – selections included tracks from the soundtracks of Something About Mary, Anastasia, and Top Gun – natch!), I decided not to let the bad mood follow me into the house (even if my husband, who I haven’t seen since Friday has to work late).  After all, I’d had a good day.  I had 3 great interviews and will most likely be making offers to new colleagues tomorrow.  I made semi-healthy dinner (this is not a usual event).  I found Cheez-Its at the store (also not a usual event).  Best of all?  Tomorrow is Thursday!  (In the Middle East, that’s our equivalent of Friday, since we work Sunday-Thursday).  And a late addition – an article I wrote 3 years ago is finally going to be published.  I can’t even remember what I wrote!

Could I do it more often?  Yes.

What are your thoughts?

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