Positive Challenge: Day 16

Day sixteen.
Do something creative to let out your feelings. Paint, draw, write, glue things together, etc. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece and you can keep it to yourself if you want. What feelings did you put into it? Is it evident when you look at it? How do you feel now? Is this something you usually do, or could it be, to get your feelings out?

Does throwing up count?

Okay, I’ve been off by a few days, damn you apathy, but have to say I guess I have a lot of creative outlets in my life.  Besides having multiple book projects (and dabbling in fanfiction), I’m also going to count planning my Vegas vow renewal as a place to show off my creative skills.  I might not be able to take awesome pictures, but my husband does, and every year we make a video yearbook of the places we’ve been.  Here in Doha, however, it’s not as simple as popping over to Michael’s (or whatever) for craft works to make / create etc.  Even food projects become difficult.  Want to bake something?  Sure hope your oven has a consistent temperature!

Enough negativity, IF I were able to have access, I think I would put together a photo collage and have it printed on canvas.  We already have two and I’d really like a third.  I’m not sure what it would do for my feelings, but it’s always nice to finish something.

What are your thoughts?

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