Positive Challenge: Day 17

Day seventeen.
Write down a promise to yourself that you intend to keep. Why do you feel you have to promise yourself in order to do it? Do you think you will keep it? When do you think you will fulfill the promise?

I will lose 5 pounds by June 29th of this year.

Why am I writing this out?  Some things need to be announced to the world.  Is it shallow?  Sure.  Do I care?  No.  Do I have my dress sitting where I can see it every day and stay motivated?  Yes.

Will I keep it?  I certainly hope so!  I really want to look back at my pictures from this year and think, ‘eating correctly and hitting the gym really paid off.’

When?  June 28th, but hopefully June 12th.

Actually, given the timeline of how the next few months play out, I feel like I probably need to lose a few more than 5 pounds so that I can gain a few while home before Vegas…


What are your thoughts?

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