Continuing to get to know Ananke.

While I’m waiting for some additional notes about my hotel book and a cover that refuses to get finished, I’ve picked up Fates II for some additional and much needed editing.  While I’m doing so, it seems appropriate to work on more character stuff –   I’m borrowing questions from here.

Why should we care about you? 

Why should you, indeed?  I don’t know, maybe because I’m trying to save your life and the life of your family.  I’m trying to right a great wrong.

What were you doing before this story started?

I give you a peek into that drama in the first couple of pages of the book.  How the world went to hell, how my family was involved…  Mentally and physically, you are not finding me in a particularly good place.  After all, what is the point?

Do people understand you? If not, what do they get wrong? And why? What is it about you that confuses people? Cultural differences perhaps, including different interpretation of manners and behavior? Different moral values? Different language?

I’m not even sure my twin understands me completely.  And no, for the most part, the average survivor of the Omega Virus could not possibly get the guilt I associate with being alive.  It’s not just that my mother died giving birth to me, it’s that those close to me helped bring about the end of the world.  In addition, compared to what my mother did with her life, I feel woefully pathetic.  It’s okay that no one understands me – I never would expect anyone to be able to.

If I met you for the first time, would I immediately know what you were like or would it take a while to get to know you? And does this differ depending upon the type of person you’re interacting with? Who has an easy time getting to know you? Who has a hard time?

I’m guarded, but I think that’s a result of my upbringing.  If I’ve had a few glasses of wine, I’ll open a little.  With so few people left in the world, I think it’s important for everyone to share their story and to keep an open mind about where or how that person came to wherever I’ve met them.  Yes, we’ve all lost people and it’s also important to talk about those who are missing from our lives.

The person who probably has the most difficult time getting to know me is a person I’m interested in romantically.  Having very limited interaction with the opposite sex for most of my adult life, I really do not know how to act, what to say or how to interpret their interest (or lack thereof).

What sort of people like you? Do adults like you? Do boys like you? Do girls like you? Why? Or why not?  Which social groups are inclined to like you and which are not, and why?

I think most people are too intimidated to actually like me.  I speak 5 languages and carry a lot of weapons.  I travel in a formidable group.  It doesn’t matter the age of people I come across, they seem to be initially concerned.  I think that in the world we live in, everyone is wary.  If not, they will not last long.

Are you happy on your own? What does being alone mean to you?

That is one very loaded question.  As a twin, it’s nearly impossible to imagine my life alone – I’ve been part of a pair since before I was born.  To me, being alone is nearly inconceivable.  To be alone would mean almost certain death.  To be alone would mean that I had failed my family in some horrible way.  Furthermore, it’s foolish to think of me actually finding someone to share my life with.  As long as I have my family, that’s enough.

What are you going to achieve in your story? What do you want to achieve?

Finding a solution to permanently fucking up the world seems a pretty great challenge, but strangely I remain optimistic.  I’m curious to see where it leads us.

What are your thoughts?

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