The saga of the cover that has still not happened…

With a friend’s brilliant book cover done last fall, I felt confident about contracting the same artist to complete my upcoming book cover for Room 702.  Unfortunately, like many of my previous covers, the timeline I have in my head and the actual timeline are two completely and radically different things.  While I agreed with the artist that January 2013 would be okay to start working on the cover, I didn’t expect January 30th.  From there, things didn’t go spectacularly – my name was incorrect and the title was wrong on multiple occasions.  We’ve made some progress since then and while I don’t have a hard deadline, I wish I had a bit more motivation to go after this guy…but without a final draft, I’m a bit meh.  Still, it’s February 16th and I would feel a lot better if I had something to show.

Kind of where I’m at.

What are your thoughts?

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