The cover saga continues.

Today is February 25, 2013.  I still don’t have a cover for Room 702.  I booked the cover artist in November 2012.

I am crazy disappointed.

However, over the weekend, I realized I am very fortunate.  I happen to know a number of very talented graphic designer type people.  I reached out to 3 of them and 2 are interested and have been in active communication with me over the past 48 hours.  I’m still at a bit of a loss of what to do with the time, money, and energy invested in the current cover process, but it felt good to move toward something positive.  My friends (and talented individuals) are already asking good questions and show more promise than the person I paid for.

I’m still stuck at exactly how I got here.  I want to blame myself for not helping more, not being motivated, but then I remember, I am not a professional cover artist.  The whole reason I delegated this part of the self publishing experience is because I don’t have the technical skills to make something good.  I can, however, recognize what is good, what is crap and what I am embarrassed and disappointed by and what I won’t even show to my cats.  I can also admit that this is the part of the self published author saga where I feel very alone.  I don’t have a marketing team or in house artists to create a clever, amazing and memorable cover for me.

Have I told this person my feelings?  No.  Given I’m interacting with someone exclusively on e-mail, I don’t think there’s a place – yet – to say, “I think you’re terrible at your job and you’ve just wasted 3 months of my life to produce approximately nothing.”  Additionally, if I don’t end up using his cover (which, it seems there is a good chance I won’t be), how do I get my money back?  Is that a sunk cost?  A fee committed towards ‘learning more about self-publishing?’

In the meantime, I’m going to remain positive what happened to that challenge BTW and remind myself that at least I did not rush out, accept the first terrible cover and publish the book before it was ready.

In the meantime, I can take pride knowing that I do not have laser cows on my cover.

Laser cows brought to you by the hilarious tumblr, WTFBadRomanceCovers.

Another part of me struggles to admit, am I just making excuses?  Is all of this just some elaborate way to get out of publishing for a few more months?  Blargh.  More updates soon.  I really hope to share a cover with you before too long.

What are your thoughts?

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