Chris Cleave does it again!

Since I’m not writing, at least I’m still reading.  Making my way through the massive lot of books I bought with an Amazon gift certificate, I arrived at Chris Cleave’s Gold.  I’ve read Mr. Cleave’s other works, Little Bee and Incendiary, and thoroughly enjoyed them even if the film adaptation of Incendiary is beyond crap which is crazy considering one of my favorite actors Ewan McGregor is in it.  With Gold, I wasn’t let down – in fact, it might be my favorite of his works.  The thing that amazed me about this book was how, again, Chris Cleave ‘gets’ writing female protagonists.  He’s exclusively stuck to writing lady main characters and I’m really in awe of his ability.  I realize authors should be able to write ‘characters’ regardless of their gender, but that certainly doesn’t stop me from doing a terrible job at it being challenged by the task and thus far, sticking exclusively to female leads.

In addition to two great women, Mr. Cleave also does a great job balancing the three main supporting characters and keeps things interesting by seamlessly mixing up the timeline.  He could have just as easily told the story in a linear method, but changing things brings tension and adds quite a bit to the final scene.

Basically, I would encourage anyone to pick up this book!  In my mental casting, I’ve picked out a Zoe, but am not sure who my Kate would be.


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