A source of pride.

Being a self-published author sometimes has big perks.  While I know many traditionally published authors are awesome and regularly interact with their fanbase, from those I’ve contacted I’ve never had a response.  Cut to, little old me.  A year ago In late 2011, a young woman contacted me to see if I could give her any advice about publishing a book about marching band.  Delighted, I instantly responded.  We corresponded throughout 2012 and she would give me updates to the process.  Imagine my elation when she e-mailed me today to announce the book was finished and available for purchase on Lulu!

While I was only a very small part of her journey as an author, I have some pride in knowing I still had something to do with it.

So, today, I celebrate Kaitlyn Auer and her first book, The Year of Champions.  All the best, Katy!


What are your thoughts?

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