Notes back!

So, I was waiting in fear/trepidation/sense of needing to finish Room 702 and also hoping the notes arrived sooner rather than later.  With Hubs away from Wednesday – Tuesday, even though they weren’t due, I knew the days would be a great opportunity to get a jump on the final edit.  Imagine my elation when the manuscript showed up edited in my inbox this afternoon.  With a deep breath I opened the file and was happy to read the following comment:

“Overall, an engaging narrative, one that I feel needs only a small amount of work to make for a sharper read. You offer an excellent narrative, one that is original and skilful.”

Maybe it’s a ploy, although additional comments like, “I have THOROUGHLY enjoyed reading this submission” lead me to believe otherwise.  Anyway, as I work through the final draft, I’m in a positive mood.  Who knows?  I might even be able to publish this thing next month!  When all is said and done, I’ll give a more thorough commentary about if I feel paying for an editor truly enhanced the final product.

What are your thoughts?

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