In which I stop being precious and start publishing.

So, this is not my first rodeo.  Room 702 marks the seventh book I’ve published.  And yet…I was very hesitant to let this one go.  So much so that I still am being weirdly protective and haven’t let my greater community of friends (aka facebook) know of its arrival into the world.

I think I’m hesitant because after all this time, I’m scared.

With my YA books, I knew the audience and could gauge the reactions (i.e. everyone loves me and I love them).

Now, I’m in completely unknown territory.  Will people love Room 702?  Hate it?  Not even know it exists?  You’d think after six books I’d built up a relatively thick skin, but I don’t think I have.  What if no one buys it?  While I would never trade in the experience of my YA books, I think I’m ready for a truly successful book.  And what does that mean anyway?  How do I define success?  Actually, it’s a pretty simple formula.  12 months = 10,000 sales or else, sad Ann.

When I hit ‘publish’ last night I did get the usual sense of accomplishment and now that Room 702 is out there I can move to the marketing phase of the book, but…is it really ready for public consumption?  Only time will tell.

Oh wait, I’m still being precious, aren’t I?

4 thoughts on “In which I stop being precious and start publishing.

  1. Well, being on my first book, a tenth of your sales expectations would have me to the moon and back! I can see your trepidation starting with a new name and genre. I love the angle on Room 702 but have a backlog of self-published books to read and review. Next best thing – I will re blog and spam FB 🙂

  2. Hi Ann – it’s sci-fi with time travel. Just look up Chronovisor on Amazon, and you kinda can’t miss it. Hope you have some geeky friends who might like it 😉

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