+1% achievement!

Imagine my surprise yesterday morning when I signed in and saw that 5 had jumped to 8.  As of this morning I rocked into 10 copies via Amazon, plus 1 on Barnes and Noble and 1 via iTunes!  Of the 12, I can account for roughly 6 or 7, which means complete strangers have purchased my book.  Yay!

Even better, my alma mater, the University of Georgia, posted my book on their Summer Reading list.  Not sure how many additional sales it will lead to, but I’ll take any publicity!  Especially since the UGA listserv is probably the largest network I could hope to tap into…

5 people added Room 702 on their ‘to read list’ on Goodreads!

And finally, in unrelated Ann Benjamin news, author Courtney Brandt has been tearing it up.  For some reason, my YA books have been getting pinned quite a bit on Pinterest and I’m having one of my overall better months in sales.  This is especially interesting as I am less active than ever on my marching specific Tumblr account (which has 5100+ followers)…

Overall, I am very happy with my progress this month.  I am still waiting on official reviews from the industry professionals, but Memorial Day weekend is not the time to bother them.

What are your thoughts?

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