Amazon’s Kindle Worlds: An Interesting Propostion

In response to this and this post by Mr. John Scalzi (the link has some great conversations on the topic).

Full disclosure (and I think I’ve admitted this before), when I first started writing, I wrote fanfiction.  It helped me gain confidence as an author.  I learned how to interact with my readers.  Eventually, I left the (mostly) canon worlds I had known and created my own.  I still occasionally write fanfiction and cherish the friends I’ve made through fandom.  Furthermore, I would write and will continue to write in various fandoms for free, simply because I love the characters and messing with them.  Would it be great if I got paid for the activity?  Sure, but I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon.  Damn me for choosing obscure fandoms.

While none of the fandoms in the Amazon Worlds universe are of particular interest to me, nor is the ‘deal’ Amazon is offering a relatively good one, I have to think it’s not as terrible as everyone is letting on.  Perhaps someone will have their ideas used in a storyline for one of these shows.  Perhaps someone will use the Worlds as a platform to get their ideas known or a wider audience for their work.  I think if an author goes in eyes open, they won’t be let down.  Yes, Amazon is using the author, but why shouldn’t the author use Amazon right back?  Gain some credibility and push their own platform out there.  After all, the characters and universe are not the author’s to begin with.


Do you have any thoughts on the topic?


What are your thoughts?

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