15 feels respectable staring right at ya, lousy with stature.*

Additionally, a virtual friend (someone I’ve never met, but can’t wait to) not only bought my book but also shared some very kind words about it.  I don’t think I realized how much I needed to hear, “I’m not much of a review writer but let me say this….I read. A lot. I am always grateful to find a book that makes me want to ignore what I have to do because I’d rather be reading. Your book did that for me. I wanted to know what became of all your characters once they left the suite.”  It’s as if I still have some sort of inner critic who keeps telling me the reason I’ve only sold 15 copies to date is because the book sucks, it will always suck and why the hell did I publish it, anyway?  What a colossal waste of time and money.

You’d think after 6 previously published books, (mostly) good reviews, and a producer who tracked me down to adapt one of novels for television, that I wouldn’t need much validation.  However, as mentioned previously, this is new territory for me and the above words meant the world to me.  In fact, they pushed me forward today to go after my ‘big gets’ i.e. the major players in the travel industry for a review.

Why was I holding back?  What would waiting get me?  My book IS good enough for them to read.

Macklemore is my spirit animal.

*pardon the Newsies reference.

What are your thoughts?

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