Changing things up.

With my 30 or so copies sold, it seems a change is needed in how I approach marketing Room 702.  None of the 20 or so free copies I’ve sent out to industry professionals have hit or been reviewed anywhere, leaving me in a very non-publicized place.  This morning I decided to make the book free on iTunes (sorry for those of you have supported me so far – please know your purchases mean the world to me!).  I’m hoping for some reviews, some energy – something.  Additionally, making the book free on iTunes should force Amazon to match the price (without opting the book into Kindle Select).  Giving away the book is not really what I had in mind, but I need to gain an audience somehow.

I’m also debating putting together a marketing campaign for Labor Day (US), but am not sure I’m ready for failure if it inevitably happens.


In the meantime, I’ve started a new book and am 11,000 words in.  #luckypenny

What are your thoughts?

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