Approaching 800.

So, the free thing is working out.  I think.  Each day there are more free downloads than the day before.  As of July 25th, according to iTunes connect, 769 copies of Room 702 have been downloaded.  I’m trying not to focus on the fact that if these were ‘real sales’ I would probably clear a little over $1 a book which would have netted me a pretty decent profit for a few days work.  I initially decided to run the ‘deal’ from July 21 – July 31, so I’m curious to see where this will go and if Amazon will match the price as they did with my previous book.

Anyway, the missing element so far is the lack of reviews.  While I, of course, want positive ratings and lots of stars, I’m also insanely curious what these people think about the book.  Do they love it?  Did they enjoy it?  Do they, gulp, hate it?  I’m kind of desperate for any sort of reaction.


One day these will be real sales, right?


What are your thoughts?

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